Camera Ready 

Photos by Maggie Calton.

My name is Amanda Perry. I am a photographer and graphic designer based out of Greenville, South Carolina. 

My love for photography starts with my mom. She was a photographer. With a film camera attached to her hip, she knew how to find the moment that embodies the whole memory and capture it. Our summer trips from coast to coast are canonized by her photos--my family's inner emotions and outer 90's fashion aesthetics against the backdrop of America's natural beauty--it's all in perfect prints. 

Now, I'm faithfully following and expanding on what my mom taught me with both my camera and graphic design. I love capturing and interpreting people's stories, moods, spaces, and visions. I love traveling, the outdoors, and anything that teaches me something new about the world and those around me. I know those experiences ultimately teach me something about myself and my art. 

I decided to refine and deepen my love for visual imagery at the University of South Carolina with a major in Visual Communications and a minor in Studio Art. That formal training combined with lifelong practice and love of photography is what fuels my business. I'm prepared to collaborate and consult when it comes to capturing the best photo, building the right visual brand, and making the "creative most" out of what you're passionate about.

Let's work together soon.